Cindy Frost

Operations Manager

Cindy is the heart and soul of our organization,overseeing just about every aspect of the business...Wearer of many hats and knows just about every detail there is about Absolute Music...She may rule with an iron first,but she's got a heart of gold...We'd be a bunch of directionless goofballs without her guidance.

Chuck Beck


Chuck started Absolute Music in 1984 with nothing more than a plastic fishbowl full of kazoos and a dream...He spent his earlier years as one of the Miami Valley's top guitar players making his living playing the top venues of the area and is still hits the stage occasionally...The Buck Stops With Chuck.

Micah Kemplin

Micah is our Guitar Effects Guru!! Name a sound,

he'll help you get it...Also our Setup Wizard who can

take just about anything and make it play good.

Tim Flanagan

Tim has over 20  years' experience in Music Retail and has pretty much played on every stage in the Miami Valley with a variety of bands...He brings a wealth of guitar and amp insight and has been selling,setting up,and repairing guitars since he had hair...a really,really,long time ago.

Geno Stewart

With decades of Recording and Pro Audio Experience under his belt,a man with Geno's experience is hard to find...Throw in his extensive guitar knowledge,and there pretty much isn't a question he can't answer...Within reason,of course.

Simply Put: Geno is The Man.